The Truth About Oil Pulling To Manage Keratosis Pilaris

If you’re one of the estimated 40% of adults afflicted with keratosis pilaris, you’re probably willing to try just about anything to treat outbreaks. Including trying oil pulling to treat this skin disorder.

Keratosis pilaris (KP), also known as chicken skin or simply KP for short, is a very common skin disorder that’s estimated to impact 40% of adults and as high as 60% of adolescents.

Although it’s generally considered harmless, KP can causes social anxiety, embarrassment, and frustration when outbreaks occur.

This is because KP will cause our skin to be blemish red bumps and this is very uncomfortable to have especially if they appear on arms and legs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to treat this annoying skin disorder including all natural treatment methods involving materials you may already have in your kitchen!

Read below to get down with this problem.

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Chicken Skin 101

treat keratosis pilaris with oil pullingLet’s start with the basics of chicken skin.

Keratosis pilaris is believed to be primarily passed on through heredity but some cases may occur due to environmental or lifestyle factors such as dry climates or imbalanced diet.

KP goes by several names including  follicular keratosis, lichen pilaris, or just simply “chicken skin” due to the small, hardened skin bumps that characterize an outbreak of KP.

The reason skin bumps occur is due to an excess of keratin, which is a naturally occurring protein that makes up your skin, hair, and nails.

KP causes the body to produce too much keratin which clogs skin pores and traps hair follicles, resulting in small, irritating, red skin bumps.

Most KP outbreaks appear near the top of your arms and back although it can also spread to your face and in severe cases, all over your body. – that’s why people so desperate to get rid of this.

There are currently no known cures for keratosis pilaris and because it’s a harmless skin condition, it may be a long time before medical research uncovers a way to get rid of it once and for all.

Up to date, most dermatologist and doctor will recommend conventional medicine such as cream and body lotion.

Until that happens, there are several popular treatment options ranging from keratolytic lotions to homeopathic remedies that can be used to manage outbreaks.

Using Lotions & OTC Drugs To Treat KP

Keratolytic lotions and creams are commonly used to treat chicken skin. These over the common keratosis pilaris treatments usually work by exfoliating and moisturizing the affected skin where KP outbreaks occur.

Unfortunately, if you have dry or sensitive skin, many of these OTC lotions and creams will only make matters worse.

Exfoliation is the process of removing old, dead skin cells but when used on unhealthy or sensitive skin, it can actually cause more harm than good. However this depends on your skin sensitivity.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, consider using an all natural or homeopathic treatment to prevent or manage keratosis pilaris outbreaks. If you would like to give it a try, I personally recommends Amlactin.

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An All Natural Alternative

one of the keratosis pilaris remedies is oil pullingHomeopathic remedies can be broken down into two main categories – those that work topically (e.g. rubbing coconut oil on affected skin) and those that work internally to attack the root cause of the outbreak (e.g. vitamin A supplementation).

I have posted more info on natural remedies on treating keratosis pilaris here.

One of the more popular internal treatments that’s been making its way around the internet the past few years is oil pulling.

Despite the recent publicly of oil pulling on popular television shows like Dr. Oz and numerous Hollywood celebrities, it’s actually been around for thousands of years in Indian culture.

During their time, the people use oil pulling in oral health. Today’s date, people use this method to cure skin disorder. Quite funny actually.

Since there a lot of natural treatments for keratosis pilaris, there is an ebook called Banish My Bumps that you can purchase online compiling the available treatments.

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The Basics of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling to treat keratosis pilaris As the name implies, oil pulling is very simple and involves using an oil – like coconut or olive oil – to swish around your mouth and “pull” between your teeth for 10-20 minutes.

This ancient folk remedy is reported to work by drawing out harmful toxins from the gums and mouth which are then spit out at the end of a session.

A quick Google search reveals hundreds of amazing stories from people suffering from KP who claim to reverse and get rid of KP outbreaks by oil pulling 20 minutes a day for a few weeks.

As long as you don’t swallow the oil after pulling with it, there are no known side effects so it’s worth a shot.

Just remember to spit the oil into a trash can and not your sink or toilet as the oil can eventually clog your plumbing over time.

Popular Oils To Pull With

Coconut oil and sesame oil are the two most popular types of oils to use when pulling. Because it’ll be in your mouth, make sure to use a hCoconut oil is oil pulling sourceigh quality organic brand and not the typical stuff you’d expect to find in your local grocery store.

To get started, just take a small amount of oil and begin to gently pull it between your teeth for 10-20 minutes.

If you can’t last that long when you’re first starting out, just do it for 5 minutes and add 1 minute each day until you’re up to 20 minutes.

It’s best to oil pull before you eat and remember to thoroughly rinse your mouth out and preferably brush your teeth after pulling.

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Although KP is a common disease, no known cure exists but outbreaks can be managed with over the counter and homeopathic treatments.

Oil pulling is a safe and popular all natural treatment option that involves swishing coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes daily. – easy and cheap right?

Thousands of people have reported successfully treating and managing KP outbreaks just by oil pulling twice a day for 2-3 weeks.

If you’re wanting to avoid harsh chemical based lotions, consider trying oil pulling the next time you have a KP outbreak.

This can be a great and cheap alternative. However you require a little of effort before you see result. Like I always address, everyone may have different  skins, thus if this treatment working likes charm for someone, not necessarily works best for you.

The best way to know this is by trying this thing out. Let me know on the comment below.