4 Keratosis Pilaris Treatments That You REALLY Need To Know!

Keratosis pilaris is actually a quite common skin problem that experience by teens and young adults. However, since the condition is rather uncomfortable and causing other people feels unease seeing you, it is better you treat it as soon as possible.

Keratosis pilaris treatment and cure need to be specific since it is not the most easy-to-cure skin condition, and in fact, it is mainly the symptoms that can be cured and not the condition itself.

This is rather interesting when you think about other curable skin conditions such as chicken pox and measles, that come to some kind of conclusion, but keratosis pilaris does not simply “go away” in a curable sense. Click here for keratosis pilaris causes.

Similar to pimples or eczema, the symptoms can be treated and even go away entirely, however, when treatment is stopped, the condition can certainly come back.

There are plenty of over the counter and prescription medications that can be taken to rid oneself of the symptoms. In this article, you’ll be revealed with:

  • 4 Available Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris 
  • 8 Extra Tips In Handling Keratosis Pilaris

Well, lets get started shall we?

4 Available Treatments for Keratosis Pilaris

Some said that keratosis pilaris is rather incurable since it is genetically inherited. However, that does not means that we can’t 100% manage and control on how it appears on our beautiful, clean and fair skin.

Here I listed 3 ways you can do treat that pesky chicken skin of your body! (Spoiler! #2 is my favorite)

#1: Cream and Lotion

A doctor can help you both diagnose and reduce the symptoms of keratosis pilaris.  When you go to a doctor, they will help you determine if that is indeed what you have as a condition and go through treatment possibilities.

If you do go on a prescription, it may be in the form of a steroid cream or of a similar lotion to acne treatments.

The goal of these medications is to either remove the keratin covering over your pores that is common with this condition or to prevent excess growth of keratin from the beginning.

Product that is commonly known for treating keratosis pilaris are AmLactin and Glytone KP Kit.

Typically, you will simply rub these creams and lotions on your bumps twice a day.  Some doctors will prescribe steroid pills as well, but that is not the most common solution.

If you like to find out more about creams and lotion for keratosis pilaris, you can read more here.

Or, you can just read a few categories/prescription of lotion and cream suitable to be used in treating keratosis pilaris below:

  • Urea

Urea is one of the ingredients used by dermatologist (people that study on skin) to soften and moisturize the skin, so that it become less hard and always fresh.

Somehow, this substance is suitable to be used on kp skin and works like charm. I mean, it does improve the overall appearance and helps to reduce the chicken skin.

  • Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) is an substance used to smooth the keratosis pilaris skin surface. It works as a great chemical exfoliating agents that can reduce the red bumps on your skin.

  • Creams with Vitamin A

Vitamin A have a huge role in maintaining our skin, whether you know it or not. Thus, having this vitamins in our keratosis pilaris cream and lotion will result a huge differences.

Thus, when choosing your type of cream, better check and verify whether the product have vitamin A or not. And better go with the ones that have one.

  • Scrubs

I need to stress this treatment a little bit since people tends to misunderstood regarding scrubs, rubs and peels.

It is no doubt that by doing this can lead to a smoother skin after the application, however it does not treat the keratosis pilaris permanently. The affects only last for a very short of time.

  • Moisturizer

Preferably use moisturizer that has lactic acid. Since that substance will help to break up keratin that clogs up hair follicles, causing the bumps. In this case, AmLactin product would be great choice.

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#2: Use Remedies To Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris

There are many remedies to keratosis pilaris that people find beneficial without going to the doctor at all.  First, using moisturizers and lotions on the skin can make it much smoother and less prone to the bumps in the first place.

Many of these bumps have ingrown hairs, so stimulating the bumps to open can help the hairs grow and prevent them from forming.

  • Rough Stone

Using a rough stone such as pumice or a scrub can help to reduce keratosis pilaris, as a remedy per se.

  • Peels

Besides that, peels and microdermabrasions from a spa can help as well, and you may need to go in on a weekly basis to seemingly “cure” this condition, which can be costly.

The best treatment in this regard would be at home with a care regimen of scrubs and moisturizers, repeatedly.

  • Coconut Oil

While others prefer to use coconut oil to treat the keratosis pilaris. This is because coconut oil turns out to be a great oil in softening skin.

You can use it during shower or just apply it in your skin before you go to bed. It works both ways. More details about this topic is stated here.

If you prefer to use natural products, BanishMyBumps is the right way do go since the product gain huge amount of satisfied users and most importantly… it WORKS!!

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#3: Practice A Healthy Lifestyle

Your best bet when it comes to treating keratosis pilaris (or any type of skin problems) would be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements and eating foods that are healthy for the skin.

Also, stay hydrated to keep your body full of moisture.  If you see a dermatologist, they can provide you with creams and lotions that you cannot get from the store yourself, ones that are strong and help keep your symptoms at bay.

Combining these with scrubs to open your bumps and aid in smoothness certainly do not hurt to add to the routine.

Keratosis pilaris will typically leave your body by the time you are 30 years old, or in an adequate time after bearing children.

Potentially, you can naturally be rid of this condition by waiting it out, although for aesthetic purposes, treating the symptoms is your best option.

#4: Laser Treatment

Yes, read it right! You’ll need to aim and beam a laser (not light saber from Star Wars by the way) to your skin just to get rid of the pesky keratosis pilaris.

This type of medication previously used for treating severe redness and inflammation on the skin. Since keratosis pilaris does exert the same condition, thus this type of treat would be a great alternative for reducing the redness.

However, laser treatment is not a permanent treatment. It only can reduce and relief the redness. Usually people opt for this after they noticed that using standard lotion and cream aren’t enough.

8 Extra Tips On Handling Keratosis Pilaris

So, you have read until here. So far, we can agree on 2 things:

  • Keratosis pilaris can’t be cured, but can be managed.
  • We can manage and lessen the bumps with proper moisturizing techniques.

Based on above agreement, I list a few extra tips and warnings that you need to consider when handling skins with keratosis pilaris.

I highly encourage you to keep on eye on these few things so that if you can’t lessen it, well at least you don’t make them even worst!

Okay, ready?

  1. Don’t scratch the bumps, or rub it.
  2. Use warm instead of hot water when bathing or showering. Since hot water tends to dry your skin.
  3. Don’t spend too much time when bathing.
  4. Use soap that contains oil or fat. Recommended to use Goat’s milk or oatmeal – contains exfoliant, fat and lactic acid to soften bumps.
  5. Use moisturizer on your skin or affected areas occasionally.
  6. Use humidifier in your home, and use distilled water for it.
  7. Avoid cold and dry weather, since low temperature and humidity can dry out your skin, making it to be rough.
  8. Go out sometimes. Get the sunlight for your skin. Make sure apply sunscreen beforehand.

That’s it! I know, not much however I guarantee you that 8 short list will save you a tons of time and money later on. Yeah! 

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Like every treatment for other skin problems, consistent is the key!

If you are planning to get rid of keratosis pilaris, you need to work hard for it. If you discontinued, your skin will begins reforming around hair follicles. Ouch!

And as stated above, there are many ways to reduce if not treat your keratosis pilaris. It depends on you in choosing the best option for your skin type and suitable for your daily routine.

Is there any treatment or remedy that I missed in listing above? Or do you have any other recommendations beside the list above?

How do you manage your keratosis pilaris before you come to this website? – please leave your answer below.