How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

Treating keratosis pilaris can be a tedious task. However, your effort will result in smoother and more beautiful looking skin. There are a variety of KP treatments on the market and this article will review some of the cheaper options.

Exfoliation is the key to getting smoother skin. Make sure to exfoliate lightly as you do not want to irritate the skin. Buy an exfoliating scrub such as, the Derma Doctor KP Heavy Duty or a body wash that contains micro abrasion beads. A cheaper option is to buy a loofah and use Cetaphil cleanser. The bottom line is that you need to exfoliating every other day to break up the keratin build-up in your in pores.

Use a topical lotion after exfoliating to make your skin smooth and pliable throughout the day. Applying lotion is important because keratin build-up is caused by dry skin due to excessive oil excretion. Applying lotion is reduce the oil build-up in your skin which will reduce the amount of keratin that your skin produces.

Scented soaps or soaps with heavy perfume and dyes can aggravate the skin and increase keratosis pilaris conditions. Try to use soaps that are hypo-allergenic and do not contains perfume or dyes. Cetaphil is a good cleanser as it’s hypo-allergenic and unscented.

Tanning is another way to treat keratosis pilaris. If you do sun tan, make sure to do it responsibility. Remember to use a high SPF sun screen and sun bathe in short increments. Getting some sun on your skin is good for KP because it drys up to the oil on the skin, which reduces the red marks on your body.

Drink a lot of water and make sure to carry a water bottle with you. Drinking 8 cups of water a day will hydrate your skin which reduces the chance of your skin drying out. Dry skin causes excessive oil and keratin build up in your skin.

There are many more Keratosis Pilaris treatments , but to review, make sure you exfoliate, use a topical lotion that contains the key ingredients, get some sun (do it responsibly), and drink lots of water. Remember, there is no cure for keratosis pilaris, however treatment for keratosis pilaris starts with knowledge about the condition and being active in treating keratosis pilaris.

Treating Keratosis Pilaris is a life long task but beautiful skin is worth the effort.

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