8 Unusual Home Remedies for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is generally considered untreatable by doctors with no precise cure except alleviating symptoms, so many home remedies have created to help lessen the bumps and abrasions on the skin.

People tends to choose home remedies or home treatment for keratosis pilaris because of the price (dirt cheap by the way), availability and the most importantly, it works better or at least the same with other commercial products out there.

In this short article, we’ll list down and cover a few home remedies option that you can try as soon as possible.

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Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedies and Treatments

These home remedies include everything from what types of food to eat to homemade lotions to apply to your skin.

You may want to try these home remedies if you do not wish to seek prescription methods as well. Below are the home remedies for keratosis pilaris:

#1 : Food, Water and Supplements

food can be home remedies for keratosis pilarisThere are plenty of foods that can help your skin and make it much more healthy to lessen the appearance of your keratosis pilaris bumps.

Leafy greens and water-based foods help keep you body hydrated, as well as eating liquid-based meals such as soups.

General diversity in your diet is known to help as well.  Stay hydrated with over 8 glasses of water a day.  Supplements that can help your skin are anything from biotin to Vitamin E, as well as any that promise to help your circulatory system.

Stay away from products that may allocate your liquids to other parts of your body, such as muscle enhancers.

#2: Exercise

exercise can be home remedies for keratosis pilarisExercise is important for your skin as it helps create a balance between your inner liquids and waste products in the form of sweat.

Sweat comes directly from your pores and if you are not sweating, than your body is not using its pores, which may end up clogging.

If you live a healthy lifestyle along with opening your pores, your symptoms should diminish quite a bit.

By exercise, you can do sport or just light exercise for example short walk or jogging in the park. The main point is that you sweat at a same phase everyday.

#3: Scrub and Moisturize

moisturize as home remedies for keratosis pilarisOnce you begin to experience the symptoms of keratosis pilaris, you need to start treating them from both the inside and the outside.

If your pores are clogged with keratin build up, you need to open them even before you try to keep them open with frequent exercise.

Using scrubs in the shower, especially a hot shower that opens pores already, will help you keep these pores open and exfoliate the keratin from them as much as possible.

After showering, you will want to moisturize, perhaps with an exfoliating moisturizer as well, making sure to select a lotion that deeply reaches the insides of the pores and also doesn’t clog them further.

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#4: Use coconut oil

coconut oil is one of the home remedies for keratosis pilarisCoconut oil is known as the miracle oil for keratosis pilaris, because unlike other oils, it does not clog the skin at all.

You can use it in the shower, with hot water opening your pores, of you can use it within a scrub itself.

After showering, you can also apply it to the skin as it does not remain a greasy layer on your skin and deeply penetrates on its own.

You can also choose to mix your coconut oil with your scrubs and moisturizers, as you need to do this to lessen you bumps anyway.  It is not scientifically proven to help, yet is is raved about by people seeking every possible method to alleviate symptoms.

It can be found in any supermarket or health food store and is generally affordable for anyone to use as a home treatment.

Read more about coconut oil as a treatment for keratosis pilaris here.

#5: Yogurt

Some may and may not know that yogurt can reduce your skin dryness at the same time remove excess keratin fromYogurt as keratosis pilaris home remedies the skin. That is caused by keratosis pilaris.

You can practice this type of treatments by following this few steps:

  1. Apply the yogurt thoroughly on the affected areas 15 minutes before bath. Apply it smoothly and the quantity is not too thin and not too thick.
  2. Take your bath with cold or warm water. Avoid hot water, because it will dry up your skin.
  3. Dry your skin with soft towel afterwards.
  4. Repeat the steps every day and if possible, on every bath.

You can get the yogurt at your local store nearby.

#6: Olive Oil

Did you know why we are encouraged to use olive oil in our cooking compared to other cooking oil? – this is because Olive Oil can treat keratosis pilarisolive oil is rich in Vitamin E and does not contains a much calorie as other oil.

Vitamin E is very beneficial for the skin condition since it can provide moisture and avoid our skin become too dry. Besides that, vitamin E also play a role in rejuvenation of your damaged skin, caused by keratosis pilaris.

If you would like to try home remedy for yourself, please follow this easy steps below:

  1. Mix olive oil and some sugar together.
  2. Add little warm water to the mixture and apply the scrub on the affected areas

You can get olive oil at your nearest store. You probably will never having problem in getting one.

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#7: Apple Cider Vinegar

Besides making a good cook, apple cider vinegar also a big role in your skin care. Surprising enough, it can a great apple cider Vinegar as keratosis pilaris home remediescure substitute for keratosis pilaris.

But how?

Well, naturally apple cider vinegar contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that can fight any infection and can support quick healing.

If you interested to test this out, please follow the steps below:

  1. Provide apple cider vinegar and cotton balls.
  2. Dip the tip of the cotton ball into the apple cider vinegar solution.
  3. Apply the cotton ball on the affected areas.
  4. Repeat the steps everyday or after you taking your bath.

You can get apple cider vinegar pretty much easily, and cheap too! Go look up at your nearest local store. It is adviced that you get the product that contains the mother vinegar for best results.

#8: Aspirin

Aspirin is the last option in the list. It can alleviate the irritation and redness caused by the chicken skin. Aspirin can be used as keratosis pilaris treatment

If you would like to use this option, please follow this steps carefully:

  1. Crush the aspirin into small pieces, fine powder.
  2. Add sufficient amount of water so that the mixture forms as paste.
  3. Apply the paste on your face, arms, legs or other affected areas.
  4. Rub it softly, smoothly and let it be for a few minutes.
  5. Wash the paste with cold or warm water. Avoid hot water.
  6. Repeat the steps above everyday.

You can get aspirin at your local store, or local pharmacy. It is cheap and you can get it in bulk.


In conclusion, there are a lot of working home remedies for keratosis pilaris. It just the matter of fact that people is willing to take action or not regarding this keratosis pilaris hacks. 

Although you may say that the effects by the home treatment is not 100% cure or permanent, still you can reconsider since the price is worth to invest on.

Hope this insight will give you a great results on your keratosis pilaris, whether it is not you arms, legs or even your face.

Is there any home remedies that you tried and worked, but is not listed above? Would you like to share some of them? – please leave a comment below.