AmLactin Reviews – The Best Body Lotion for KP

Keratosis Pilaris is a common genetic condition of the skin that results in tiny little red or brown bumps covering an area of the body, most commonly the back of the arms, and tops of the legs and buttocks. These bumps occur when Keratin, a natural protien of the skin, builds up to form a hard plug and blocks the pore. There has been no confirmed cause other than genetics, but the main consenses is that the condition has something to do with a deficiency in vitamin A,Vitamin C, Calcium … [Read more...]

Glytone KP Kit Reviews

If your skin is plagued by the menace of keratosis pilaris, you’ll need to look no further for a skin care solution. The Glytone KP Kit will aid in the renewal of your skin. The rough and dry skin associated with keratosis pilaris is an unsightly and uncomfortable annoyance. This kit will rejuvenate and hydrate your ailing skin, providing you with the much needed relief that you’ve been seeking. The red bumps and rashes that are also common can be mitigated or completely reduced by the … [Read more...]

Banish My Bumps Review – The Best Keratosis Pilaris Treatment EBook

You know the old saying "Sun's out, guns out?” Well, it never used to work that way for me; unlike the fat guy at the baseball game, I was always the very last to take my shirt off in public. Despite the fact that my arms are buff from delivering packages all day, I actually used to welcome the onset of cold winter weather, when I could hide the rashy, dry red bumps of my keratosis pilaris (KP) under sweaters and coats. Banish My Bumps changed all of that. Banish My Bumps is a fantastic … [Read more...]