Brush Your Keratosis Pilaris Away Using A Dry Body Brushing

Yes, that is right; it is not like your ordinary exfoliating where you do it in the shower. You in fact do this BEFORE you jump into the shower each morning.

So why did I decide to get onto body brushing? The major reason I got onto body brushing was because I had read that it is extremely good for circulation, and since I stand up on my feet plenty during the day my circulation stagnates easily.

This means I am exceptionally prone to spider veins and burst capillaries which I’m very uncomfortable about, so I considered giving it a go.

To dry body brush correctly you must go after a specific routine that involves brushing towards the lymph nodes in your groin and beneath your arms in extensive sweeping motions. This is because dry body brushing stimulates your lymphatic system to get rid of toxins.

So, to support this process you help the lymph to flow to your lymph nodes where the bacteria and toxins can be handled by your immune system.

After each dry body brushing routine, the circulation in my legs looked amazing and my skin was left with a beautiful golden color that was one tone and not purple and red.

Unfortunately to my dismay, this didn’t last very long and the irregular color began to gradually come back. But dry body brushing wasn’t a total disaster!

Within two weeks, I was becoming aware that the bumps on the backs of my arms were becoming a lot smoother and the redness was diminishing.

After I started to recognize that the dry body brushing was helping my KP I started to center the body brushing over the parts that were bumpy (this was after my skin began to tolerate the dry brushing a bit better) which speeded up the process. Three weeks later, my arms were about 90% bump free!

After using so many exfoliates to try and eradicate the bumps on the backs of my arms, I can honestly say that this was the fastest and most effective way to get smooth skin.

Body brushing is very simple, all it involves is using a natural bristle body brush 5-10 minutes before you hop into the shower. It aims to clear any dead skin cells that are ready to lift off, as well as unblocking the keratin from the hair follicles and preventing more from forming.

Dry body brushing isn’t totally curable as the bumps will appear again when you quit dry body brushing. None the less, it is a great way at achieving emergency smooth skin!

Learn the dry body brushing technique with the following steps and give it a go!

Dry Body Brushing Technique

For first time users it is best to go over the skin in one stroke, trying to avoid numerous strokes over the same area.

Brushing on dry skin in the early morning prior to showering is an ideal time to body brush.

Use long gentle stroking movements

1. Brush the soles of your feet

2. Then brush from the feet working your way up to your groin, ensuring you stroke each side and section of your ankles, calves, thighs and hamstrings. This direction is assisting the lymphatic system to carry toxins to the lymph nodes found in the groin.

3. Brush from your hands towards your armpits, again making sure your stroking every part of your arms

4. Brush downwards on the neck and chest.

5. Brush across the tops of shoulders and across your back

6. Brush upwards on your buttocks

7. Brush your lower abdomen towards the centre

8. Do not brush your face as the skin on your face isn’t as thick as your body and the blood vessels are closer to the surface which could lead to burst capillaries

9. Shower after-wards to remove dead skin debris. You will feel invigorated with a slight tingling sensation over your body

Once your skin has become accustomed to the dry body brushing, you can use more circular motions over the bumpy areas to really assist the exfoliation of the kertain build up in the hair follicles.

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